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Akvaterm Farm Accumulator Tank - Use the heat from milk cooling

A perfect solution to heat drinking water up to +17 °C by using free heat recovery.
-The recovery heat from the milk cooling process is stored in the accumulator tank and drinking water will be heated by using a heat exchanger coil
- The tank is insulated by 100 mm seamless polyurethane and covered with hygienic, white-painted steel sheet
- The drinking water for the cattle is produced using the most efficient heat exchanger coils on the market
- All you need is an accumulator tank and plumbing installation!
- The milk cooling compressor generates a great deal of heat A cow produces an average of 34 litres of milk per day and the heat recovering from cooling can heat more than 70 litres of drinking water up to +17ºC. Part of the energy can be used to pre-heat DHW or/and washing water
- Enough to heat drinking water for all cattle - without any cost!
- The pre-heated washing water can be heated further using any heat source.


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