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Accumulator Tanks - Akvaterm
Akvaterm Standard Accumulator Tanks
Cylindrical tanks with 100mm of insulation. 300 to 10000 litre capacities.
Akvaterm Oval Accumulator Tanks
Oval tanks with a width of only 810mm. Ideal for existing boiler rooms with narrow entrances. 1400 to 2400 litre capacities.
Akvaterm Solar and Solar Plus Accumulator Tanks
Cylindrical 3 (Solar)and 4(Solar Plus) coil tanks from 300 - 4000 litres designed to optimise solar energy input for heating and domestic hot water. 3 bar pressure rated.
Akvaterm Akvasan Accumulator Tanks
Cylindrical tanks with a diameter of only 810mm. Ideal for confined spaces. 500 to 700 litre capacities.
Akvaterm GEO Accumulator Tanks
With the AKVA GEO you can utilize your heat pumps to all heat demand improving their efficiency. They enable combining heatpumps with renewable heat sources enabling the best output. The model range varies between 300 and 5,000 litres and it comes with the high grade seamless polyurethane
Akvaterm Smart Accumulator Tanks
AKVA SMART is an effective indoor accumulator tank that can be installed in low-rise properties.
Akvaterm Farm Accumulator Tanks
A perfect solution to heat drinking water up to +17 °C by using free heat recovery. The recovery heat from the milk cooling process is stored in the accumulator tank and drinking water will be heated by using a heat exchanger coil


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