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Akvaterm Smart Accumulator Tank

AKVA SMART - Heat and style for indoor spaces

AKVA SMART is an effective indoor accumulator tank that can be installed in low-rise properties.

It does not require a separate technical space and can be located, for example, in a home utility room.

Its dimensioning conforms to European standards.

- 240 l
- 600 x 600 mm + 90 mm

- 500 l
- 750 x 750 mm + 90 mm

Available equipment:

- DHW mixing valve
- Four way valve
- Immersion heater 4,5 kW
- Drainvalve
- Laddomat 21-60
- Laddomat 11-30
- Motorized Valve: Laddomat ThermOmatic K
- Hooks for decorative panel
- Edge strip of the door with following colors:
• Red (standard)
• White
• Graphite gray


1. From boiler
2. To boiler
3. Immersion heater (only top mount)
4. DHW mixing valve
5. Solar coil
6. From central heating
7. To central heating
8. Bleed

At bottom:
9. Drain / to Boiler


Principle connection diagrams

Energy for the tank is brought from the sun, a boiler if required, or other heat source.
Connection of air/water heat pump.
Energy transfer to the accumulator tank through the hot gas coil.

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