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The Angus ORLIGNO 400 Pellet Boiler

Available in 2 models 16kW 30kW
16kW Buy now £5943
30kW Buy now £6518
(plus delivery and vat)

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The Angus Orligno 400 pellet boiler is one of the most highly efficient available.
There are 2 outputs available in this range 16kW and 30Kw.
The 16kW is rated from 3.9-16.0kW with a gross heat efficiency of 89.4%
The 30Kw is rated from 7.8-30.0Kw with a gross heat efficiency of 91.8%
The boilers are ideal for providing all your central heating and domestic hot water requirements.
They can take pellets from 6-8mm and length 10-50mm.
The boilers can heat a well insulated property up to 300m2.
The boiler comes with a 5 year warranty on boiler tightness.
The pellets are burned up automatically.
The pellet boiler has minimal ash output.

The Angus Orligno 400 pellet boiler can be incorporated directly into any heating system.
If the customer requires the boiler can be linked with a 500 litre accumulator tank.
This helps to reduce boiler cycle times which gives increased efficiency and extended service life to the boiler itself.
It also gives the customer a 500l instantaneous back up as a heat buffer for the colder months.
The hopper is generously sized at 450 litres and enables a long burn time without the necessity to reload.
This can be 2 days at maximum output, 5 days on average output and 7 days on nominal output.
The boiler is fitted with a microprocessor controller and this enables the boiler to control the following functions;
-automatic control of the burning process
-ensure automatic burning up of the pellets
-overheating protection (turns off the fan and the pellet feeding mechanism)
-control of the circulating pump
-control of the hot water pump
-control of the accumulator tank
-maintaining the burn process
-protection against fumes exiting the flue at too high a temperature

The special burner in the Angus Orligno 400 allows it to work in adverse conditions.
It has been designed to allow easy access to the pellet feeding system incorporating all the positive features to ensure a reliable performance as follows;
-It integrates a fully effective burning process
-Designed so there will be no issues with blocking of the pellet feeders
-No fouling of the furnace in the ceramic combustion chamber
-Protected against backfire to the container
-Covered against blowing out of the fire
The automatic burning process is a great advantage of the Angus Orligno 400 for the customer and it is an important element in protecting the boiler and the whole installation against freezing.
These boilers typically run at 50% of the cost of oil or gas boilers and 30% of the cost of electric heating.
It is possible to incorporate the Angus Orligno 400 with alternative forms of biomass heating.
Pellets can be delivered in bags or in bulk and are stored in silos or tanks. Pellet boilers are ideal to fit retrospectively to properties and significantly lower the carbon footprint of a property.

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